Calvin Turko (Bruce)


Calvin has been dreaming of a music career his entire life. Suffering from crippling stage fright kept him off the stage until he turned 35 when he chose to defeat the stage once and for all. Now on his 10th year performing he has developed an interactive style, Instead of simply standing on stage performing the songs he sings, he creates a personal connection often making the audience part of the show.  He has been quoted saying " I don't want to just put on a show, I want people to feel like they just attended an event"

His love for Iron Maiden is apparent, even though his style is heavily influenced by Bruce Dickinson he  still manages to keep a bit of himself in every performance.  He truly loves what he is doing and has no plan of quitting anytime soon,  

Calvin's Gear


Why so much gear man?

Surprisingly enough just about everything he uses is so he can hear himself over the other instruments in the band. He tried in ear monitors and just couldn't manage them in a live and perform at the same time, and the house monitor systems are okay for guitars and instruments but they never can quite bring the vocals out to a place where he feels confident that he is hitting the right notes. 

Shure Beta 87c Wireless Microphone

After trying out pretty much every other microphone out there Calvin had the chance to demo the Shore Beta 87c Wireless microphone with SLX/24 receiver.  Bruce Dickinson also uses the Beta 87c microphone.  

Monitors QSC K2.0

Calvin brings his own vocal monitors rather than rely on using house monitors. His QSC K2.0 powered speakers have the ability to pull his voice right out of the stage mix and reduces the amount of strain on his voice resulting in his ability to sing Iron Maiden night after night. He runs an isolated transformer splitter that sends the exact same signal to the front of house mixer that goes to his monitors. 

Theatre of the mind

Calvin believes in putting on a performance rather than just singing the songs, so you will usually see him with props and costumes to bring the stories to life. One of his beloved props you will see at every show is Charlotte. Charolette is a Canadian goose that identifies as an albatross and will often come out to play during Rime of the Ancient Mariner, as well many audience members will often toss her around during shows. 

Accomplished guitarist

not many people know this about Calvin but he also is an accomplished guitarist and plays every day. He likes to collect and repair guitars as well. 

Recording Studio/Live Music Support

Calvin has a home studio and has helped many musicians put demos together as well as recording his own material. He has a full PA backline that he can support local musicians put on live events.