"Scream for me"


Our Story

Maiden Manitoba has taken on many forms over the years. This new version promises to take things to a whole new level. Iron Maiden is not an easy gig and the boys in Maiden Manitoba are more than ready to take on the task.


Originating from the land of ice and snow, Maiden Manitoba are well know for producing an authentic Maiden sound while maintaining a Maiden look and feel.

Maiden Manitoba features an all-star line-up of seasoned musicians who eat, sleep, and breathe Maiden.
Playing all the songs known to generations of classic metal lovers, they will turn the heads of even the hardest of the hardcore fans with songs from all Maiden eras.
From clubs to outdoor festivals, Maiden Manitoba always deliver stadium worthy performances and will leave you screaming for more.
If you’ve seen Iron Maiden live, Maiden Manitoba will leave you feeling like you have just seen them again.

Maiden Manitoba's gonna get ya, wherever you are.


Whats new?

July bring us a new Dave Murray to our lineup. Officially starting 2019-07-07 Norm Goodman has joined our lineup as Dave Murray.  We have been working hard rehearsing and bringing Norm up to speed without interfering with the schedule at all.  We are excited to see where this train goes from here. 


Welcome to the show Norm


The Band

Calvin Turko (Bruce)


Trevor Harper (Steve)


Dylan Bewski (Nicko)


Jay Singbeil (Adrian)


Norm Goodman


EPK (Press Kit)

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The social media experiment


How do you fit into the picture?

Over the last 5 years of performing live in Winnipeg I have noticed people with their phones out recording the shows.  It is not often that these recordings make it out for public consumption.  While many artists hate recording devices at live events, I want to embrace the use of smart devices and get as many people as possible to live stream our shows on Facebook or  other social media platforms. I have a secret to tell you about why some artists hate recording devices:  it's because they show no mercy when it comes to capturing poor performances. I am willing to risk it,  I want you to be our videographer.  You can be part of the band and let everyone enjoy the show even if they are not in the building. 

Calvin Turko (Bruce Dickinson) 

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